Helium 10 free for your first 30 days

Helium 10 Free Trial

Do you want to get Helium 10 for free trial? Look no further!

In this article I will explain how to register to get a free trial of Helium 10, what you will get inside and for how long you will be able to experience firsthand what this powerful software can do for you to help you grow your Amazon business.

While Helium 10 is one of the best tools on the market, learning how to use the toolset is not an easy task for everyone because you have to learn how to use a large number of tools, deal with and understand hundreds of data points and metrics.

That's why it's important that you learn enough about how the tool suite works before registering for the free version of Helium 10 so you can make the most of your free trial.

I invite you to enter the Helium 10 free course, so that you can learn from experts, everything you need to know to effectively use all the tools included in the Helium 10 software.

¿How to claim the Helium 10 free trial?

Helium 10 offers a free plan to ALL new users so they can try out the toolset and decide if it's what they are looking for before getting a paid membership. Getting the Helium 10 free trial is very easy, just follow the steps below and you'll be ready in a few minutes:


To Download Helium 10 free chrome extension, click the button or here


Helium 10 free sign up

Enter the corresponding information in each field.

helium 10 login free


Accept the terms and conditions

Click the checkbox to accept the terms and conditions and then click the "Sign Up" button.

Helium 10 free login


Complete the questionnaire

You will now be asked to select an answer to start your Helium 10 trial.

helium 10 free version download

Helium 10 chrome extension free download

Now that you have activated the Helium 10 free trial, you can also install the Helium 10 free extension by following a few simple steps:


For the free download of the Helium 10 extension, click here


Go to the Chrome Web Store

After the first step you will be redirected to a Helium 10 page, there you will find a button that says "Download Extension", click on it.

free helium 10 chrome extension


Add the Helium 10 extension to the browser

Once you are in the Chrome Web Store, tap the blue "Add to Chrome" button.

helium 10 extension free download


Confirm that you want to install the Helium 10 extension for free

A window will appear where you are asked to confirm whether you want to install the Helium 10 extension to Chrome. Tap the "Add extension" button.

helium 10 download free


Go to extensions menu

For the Helium 10 extension to be accessible from the Chrome browser's taskbar, click the puzzle piece-shaped icon.

helium 10 extension free


Pin the Helium 10 extension

In the dropdown where the installed extensions are displayed, press the pin icon to pin the Helium 10 extension to the browser bar.

helium 10 extension free trial

Now that you have followed all the steps and your free registration for Helium 10 was successful, you can enjoy the tool suite including the extension, to decide if Helium 10 is the right software to start and grow your Amazon business.

And if at the end of the trial, you decide that Helium 10 is what you were looking for, you can get great discounts when purchasing a paid plan using exclusive Helium 10 coupon codes.

Limitations of the Helium 10 free account

The Helium 10 trial account includes most of the tools in the paid version but with some limitations on usage. Some tools have a free trial of only 30 days, while others offer a recurring free trial that involves limits on the frequency with which you can use them.

Let's see below the tools included in the free trial and the usage limits of each one:




Black Box

Amazon Product Research

5 uses


Amazon Trends Finder

30 days of use from the day of registration


Chrome Extension - Product Validator

20 launches

Xray for Walmart

Chrome Extension - Product Validator

20 launches


Reverse Product Lookup


Cerebro for Walmart

Reverse Product Lookup



Keyword Research


Magnet for Walmart

Keyword Research



Misspellings Checker

20 uses

Keyword Tracker

Product Rank Tracking

Up to 20 keywords

Market Tracker

Competitor Intelligence

Up to 1 Market (Limited)


Financial Analytics Dashboard

30 days of use from the day of registration

Profits for Walmart

Financial Analytics Dashboard

30 days of use from the day of registration


Keyword Processor

30 days of use from the day of registration


Listing Optimizer

30 days of use from the day of registration

Index Checker

Keyword Index Checker

6 uses

Listing Analyzer

Amazon Listing Insights

2 uses / mo

Listing Builder

New & Improved Listing Optimizer

30 days of use from the day of registration


Hijacker & Product Monitoring

Up to 2 ASINs

Inventory Protector

Coupon Abuse Prevention


Refund Genie

Reimbursement Assistance


Inventory Management

Supply Chain Logistics

30 days of use from the day of registration

Connected Accounts

Seller Central Account Connections

Up to 2 Tokens
Walmart + Amazon

What you'll miss in the Helium 10 free plan

The Helium 10 free plan lacks some features that are available in the Started, Platinum, Diamond, or Elite plan.

  • Access to the elite Facebook group
  • Free entry to the Freedom Ticket course
  • Landing page creator for portals
  • Quarterly in-person workshops
  • Monthly LIVE training by industry experts
  • Multi-user login for Helium 10
  • Adtomic Ad tool
  • Keyword tool for Walmart

¿When does the Helium 10 free trial expire?

After 30 days from your registration, you can continue to use the Helium 10 free tools and for life but with the usage limitations as shown in the table above and that you will not be able to renew in the free version.

That's why I recommend that you upgrade to a paid plan after having a clear idea of how the tools work and being sure that Helium 10 is what you need for your Amazon business.

¿How do I suspend the Helium 10 free plan?

There is no way to cancel the Helium 10 free plan. As you don't need a credit card to register, this is not necessary as you will not be charged anything. Simply, if you are no longer interested, you can stop using the Helium Ten free plan. And if you don't want the Chrome extension to appear on Amazon, you can deactivate it.

¿Can I upgrade my free plan to a paid plan?

Of course, you can upgrade your plan at any time. What you need to do is log in to Helium 10, then click the blue "Upgrade" button at the top and finally choose the plan. Or you can contact the customer service team for assistance.

Benefits of the Helium 10 free trial

  • You can register and access the free trial without providing any payment information in advance and thus avoid being automatically billed at the end of the trial period if you forget to suspend this.
  • You have the opportunity to get firsthand experience with the Helium 10 tools and put them to the test to decide if it's worth your time and money.
  • During the free trial period, you will have full support to eliminate all your doubts and access to free education material to properly explore ALL the Helium 10 tool suite.
  • Once you have completed the trial, you can log in for free to helium 10 and continue enjoying the tool suite but with the aforementioned limitations.

Conclusion of the Helium 10 free trial

Although in the free trial you will not have access to all the tools and those you do will be limited in the amount of use and time, without a doubt it is an excellent way for you to see what Helium 10 has to offer, understand how the tools work and based on that decide if it is the right software for your Amazon business.

While after the trial period you can continue with access to the free helium 10 account and continue using some tools but with usage limitations, the idea is not for you to stay there as it is not enough...

If you are serious about doing business, what you should do is purchase one of the available paid plans as soon as you feel comfortable with Helium 10, so you can use it without any limitations and access all the tools and features that will help you grow your Amazon business.

I hope this guide on how to claim the free trial version of Helium 10 has been helpful.